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Jon Stewart, host of the Daily Show, is well known for his hard hitting questions, witty humor and unshakable composure.  He has interviewed some of the biggest showing no fear in sharing his perspective and calling those out when needed.  Ranked 15 on’s 49 most influential people he has been influential enough to be wooed by politicians and feared by authorities — all for making people laugh.  In short many people would consider him alpha, with his quick quiffs, fearless steadfastness and overall presence.  To see this guy “off his game” is unimaginable… however he may have met his match.  Brian Williams, anchor of NBC’s Nightly News practically AMOGed Jon on his own show.

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Brian Williams, the NBC Nightly News anchor, appeared on Monday night’s “Daily Show,” believing, perhaps, that he was there to talk about Walter Cronkite, who died on Friday. But his conversation with Jon Stewart quickly took a turn into not-so-amicable territory.  Instead, following an earlier segment regarding the press offering amicable or specially structured interviews for those politicians in the crosshair, Jon turned the gun directly on Brian, his staff and their credibility.  Not exactly the topic he was expecting for said interview.

Obviously one would assume Stewart held all the cards, but this is exactly why this is such a pristine example of alpha.  Williams never seems to lose his composure and instead quickly turns the table.

Not supplicating and refusing to answer a direct question? Check.
Maintaining his composure when challenged? Check
Having the interaction on his terms? Check
Stewart trying to impress/best him? Check
Jon Steward absolutely giddy at the end of the interview? Priceless!

I loved it and hope you will too.  Williams has done several interviews with Stewart so if your itching for more hit up Comedy Central.

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