Winning Time – The Best Time to Meet Women

Many of my friends have a false belief that night game should only be attempted during the peak of the evening.  Refusing to go out on a weeknight and instead only during weekends when the clubs are packed and the women are appropriately liquored up.  They feel their best chance to find multiples of quality sets is only in a situation such as this where the supposed opportunities are endless.   In short they believe that (more people = more women) and while this usually is true, they forget about taking the male to female ratio into perspective.

There is no bigger factor that will impact a man’s night game success more than the male/female ratio of the venue he attends.  While the competition might be a joke, one truth is the women will be hit on much more often and at times with little if any breathing room between approaches from their would be suitors.  This creates a number of problems.

The typical person in a club has a self-esteem that directly relates to the success they are having that night.  While us men might feel unstoppable after a few great sets, similarly women feel the same way when they’ve been approached many times.  They have a socially programmed belief that they should be a princess and/or a trophy and as their self-esteem rises so does their expectations of both the interaction and the individual making the approach.  She is more likely to test the waters and push for the best deal she can get by rejecting many early advances for the possibility of a better prospect opening her later in the night.  In retrospect a woman who is oft ignored throughout the evening tends to lower her expectations while desperation sets in.  This is why it becomes so easy to seduce a woman near closing time.

Bitch Shield
Similarly as a woman endures more and more lame approaches her tolerance to bad lines and pointless small talk begins to diminish.  While she might at first been in the most socially outgoing and friendly mood, after the myriad of attention seeking men overwhelm her, the only thing she can do is put up her bitch shield to filter and deflect the seemingly endless approaches.  What this means for you is a much more difficult approach having to disarm her before the interaction can truly begin.

Game Killer
The final issue we run into is with such a low supply to demand, many tactics can no longer be utilized.  Things like jealousy plot lines, pawning and general indifference to her won’t work with dozens of other guys hovering around to jump in at any opportunity.

Guy/Girl Ratio

This onslaught of competition creates a frustrating situation where the typical solution is to either man up, venue change or just avoid night game all together.  While all these ideas can work there is a very simple mechanic called “winning time” that can be properly utilized to avoid the above situation entirely.

Winning Time: the time at the venue from when the crowd first develops until there are considerably more men than ladies.  From about 8pm til 11pm there tend to be more girls in a club than guys, and this is your time to shine.  Once the other men have shown up, well, Winning Time is over.

I’ve been asked many times how this is the case and more importantly why women tend to go out in the earlier hours when compared to men.

Simply put women are extremely social creatures and unlike men when hitting the town they often have no agenda besides mingling with their close friends.  Because of this they are more likely to start the night earlier during happy hour and continue from there.  Even most bachelorette parties I’ve seen tend to already be out before the sun is down.  In comparison most men have a specific plan of attack.  This includes pre-partying, choosing the perfect venue and spending the least amount of time and effort to get laid.

What else can I do to leverage winning time to my advantage?

  1. Avoid venues that utilize major promoters/advertising such as an Absolute Twisted Night
  2. Clubs with events such as Devils and Angels, Lingerie Party, Cover Girl Search, Mud Wrestling, etc will guarantee  an endless onslaught of douches.
  3. The cheaper the beer promotion the more drunk frat boys you can expect.
  4. Go out on the weeknights
  5. Plan to venue change or be at comfort/rapport with a solid set before winning time is over.

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