How Single is Portland?

WHICH OF THESE two decisions do you think has a bigger impact on someone’s life: finding the right job, or having an ample supply of singles to date? No one’s going to argue with the notion that where you live affects your employment prospects. But the place you call home has a lot to do with your chances of meeting women. Having an enticing “mating market” matters as much or more than a vibrant labor market.

It’s not just that some places have more singles than others.  If you’re single the odds of meeting available attractive women and as importantly having less competition can make quite the difference based on where you call home.

How does Portland compare to other parts of the country?  Thanks to this interactive map the mystery is partially revealed.

I specifically targeted the age group of most my readers and while there is a surplus of single women everywhere in the country in the 40-64 age group I don’t think any of us are looking for that kind of strange.  Additionally it’s further proof that women have reason to worry still being single as they age and frantic once they hit their forties.

So there is good news and bad new that can be digested from the data of this map.  First the bad.  America has a surplus of single men to women in the 20-39 age group and Portland is no exception.  What this means is more competition and a bevy of suitors women can compare under the magnifying glass before making a choice.  Portland has roughly 30 additional single men per 1,000 to women or roughly 3%.  While this isn’t anywhere near game breaking it is a useful statistic to know even if just to bring up at a cocktail party.  For you data nerds out there the actual number is roughly 21,000 more single men in the Portland Metro Area.

Fortunately our Northwest neighbor, Seattle has it worse along with many key areas men believe are meccas of single women.  First for the local.  Salem has 6.1% more single men, Eugene 4% and Seattle 5.3%.  Elsewhere in the country: Los Angelas is at 5.1%, New York 2.5% and Austin TX at 5.9%

The good news?  There are some issues with the map. The first: homosexuality! This data and this map are completely heteronormative meaning it’ll skew hard towards there being a ton of unmarried men! Those lonely young single guys might actually be in perfectly marriageable relationships, but prevented from tying a federal-government-approved knot.  Additionally, this also means single gay men are included in the data however they are no competition to us straight single guys.  Yes I realize the same affects the single women side with lesbians, but they seem a lower percentage in Portland when compared to gay men.

Now that you know the basics you might be wondering just how those odds adjust with age.

Ladies: After your mid 40’s, you will be fighting tooth and nail for the nine or ten single men.

Gents: Single men become a rare commodity later in life, and we all know what happens then. They don’t call it Perfectly Inelastic Supply for nothing!

Gals: Do single young girls exist? Not according to math! Fact: around 1/3 of 20-24 year old women are married. Only 70% are single!

Guys: Again, fact: Only 1/5 of men are married by age 24. 80% single! Like suburban deer, there are too many of you in relation to your prey, and you’re destroying each others’ game. Older, wiser deer who don’t spend their time doing kegstands are snapping up your lady-foliage.

Finally, data was obtained from the 2006 US Censes so when 2010 rolls in things could get better….or worse.

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