Wingman Down

Wingman – a term that seems to have been around since the beginning of time, however it’s much more recent then one would expect.  The 1986 film Top Gun is often credited with bringing the term into popular usage, although it wasn’t until the 1996 film Swingers that the term became popularized as a description of social interaction.  It’s been inserted so deeply into popular culture that now everyone knows what it is, but very few know what it entails.

While I’d love to school you on the proper working relationship of wingmen, that’ll have to wait as I’ve been dealing with a situation with one of my own requiring immediate action.

First some history.  I was fortunate enough when I moved back from Denver to find that my previous wingman was newly single and ready for the prowl.  This made getting back into the Portland game quite quick and adventitious as there was no need to go out alone and more importantly we’d already the experience and chemistry to make things work.

Over the past year we’ve been going out constantly and had considerable success.  The one problem we faced like many Americans has been the fleeting economy, finding enjoyable employment, and the overall lackluster feeling of success and control of our lives.  This manifested itself into a very real felling of disillusionment and because of it many times we would wave off going out or when we did, not be in the correct state of mind to garner real success.

Things improved over the Summer and as of this fall the cards were falling back into place with numbers, multiple kiss closes and great dates.  While you’d think this type of success would motivate one to work harder, for my wingman it has done the exact opposite.  He’s had more success in recent months than I can remember however his enthusiasm has subsided considerably.

This brings me to today.  My friend has recently quit his job in hopes of finding his calling and thanks to ample savings can make this choice without serious immediate risk.  He’s suddenly found himself with more time than he knows to do with and wants to see a positive change in most aspects of his life, one of which is dating.  You’d think taking advantage of all this new found freedom with consistent focus and determination would be a given, however it remains just as it was before.  Pulling wisdom teeth at times seems easier than coaxing my wing to come downtown.  Perhaps it’s depression, lack of motivation or male PMS but as time continues it becomes progressively more difficult to get him consistently out even on a Friday or Saturday.

You’ve heard the term that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink?  Well recently I can’t even lead this damn horse to the water.  It’s my belief that you can’t help those who don’t want help and unfortunately I’ve realized that might be the current situation with my wing.

I made one last attempt this afternoon inviting him on possibly the last 70 degree day in months to First Thursday downtown.  His one word response, “No…”

Perhaps it’s time I go back to flying solo.  I prefer involving others, but who am I faking…..I do much better solo than I have with even the best of wings and believe me I’ve had dozens.

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January 19, 2011

Ill wing with you man. Im new to the game but I love it. Email me.

April 17, 2011

Hay dude just looking around for some wings and you seem like you know what your talking about any way I’d contact you if you had an some kinda of contact listed but alas that’s not the case. any way my Facebook email is and strangers that read this if you wanna sarge around Portland feel free to holla skill level don’t matter 😉

P.s. I’m mainly into day game and have had a love systems daygame work shop but I’m willing to go out for night stuff too

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