Portlandia: Dream of the 90’s

I’ve lived in Portland most of my dating life and have since been dealing with the trials and tribulations.  I’ve had my successes and failures and honestly thought Portland was a good representation of the single life scene.  Due to a spur of the moment decision I moved to Denver for 2 years for a job and since moving back things have seemed a little foreign.  Perspective can be a wonderful thing and given the fact I never lived anywhere outside Portland my adult life really put things into perspective.

Some of the things I miss are the 300 days of sun, amazing nightlife and the people.  I never could quite put my finger on Portland people besides them living the “Keep Portland Wierd” motto.  The more I socialized the more this weird feeling of discontent manifested.  I’ve labeled my age group in Portland as hipsters and artsy which I have nothing against, however it seemed to rub me the wrong way.

Just last week I came across a trailer for a mini-series based out of Portland called “Portlandia” set to premiere in January which put into song the very reality of many people living in Portland.  While this is satire, it has enough truth to be scary.  Enjoy!

Keep the dream alive!  While I miss Denver with a passion, I’m not ready to move back.  I really want to give Portland a college try, and if that means getting drunk and creating trouble, so be it.

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