2012 Singles Census

Awhile back I made a post on How Single is Portland. This data utilized was based off 2008 census data and unfortunately the map I linked to hasn’t been updated with more recent numbers.

Knowing this I decided to take a look at the more recent 2010 numbers at the American Fact Finder. Has Portland become better or worse to be a single male? How much competition do you really have? How do other western US metro areas compare? Lets dig in and take a look.

The above map gives you a quick visual of a few metro area and how they compare in ratio of single guys to single girls. I’ve focused on the 20-34 age range as that best mirrors my age and the age of women I prefer to attract. Don’t worry we will drill down a bit further for some of you slightly older guys.

What we can see here is that regardless of the metro area you’ll find more single men to single women in this age group. While some metros may be an exception all the ones I researched aren’t. As we move up in age the 35-44 bracket almost evens out in most metros and eventually falls in the favor of men 45+ across just about all the metros.

Let’s drill down to some actual numbers.

What we can see here is that Portland is the best city for single men (in terms of ratio only) of all the west coast cities researched and only beat by NYC. For every 100 single women of Portland in the age of 20-34 there are 112 single men of similar age.

  • Seattle metro is 9% worse at 122 single men to 100single women
  • Denver and Los Angeles metros are 6% worse at 117 single men to 100 single women
  • San Francisco and Dallas Metros are 5% worse at 116 single men to 100 single women
  • New York Metro is 3% better at 108 single men to 100 single women

While these ratios are useful in themselves one must realize that additional factors we won’t go into would have to also be looked at. These include fitness, attractiveness, single mothers, alternative lifestyles, etc.

I decided to go one step further and see if Portland still ranks at the top in the west if you take into consideration the fact that the pool of 20-34 women is also the target of 35-44 men along with men of their own ages. While it’s quite normal for a 34-44 male to marry a women in the same age group one expect that a male in that age group with game would much prefer younger women if not completely rule out women over the age of 34.

Looking at the data with this assumption let’s see how these metros stack up. We’ll assume a scenario where all single women 20-34 are not even in a relationship and are being pursued by all single men aged 20-44 who are also not in relationships. Using this example in Portland you would now have a pool of 212,631 men aged 20-44 attracting and pursuing a pool of 140,198 women aged 20-34. Our percentage would jump to 152% or 152 single men to 100 single women. Let’s see how the other cities stacked up.

  • Portland, Hillsboro, Vancouver Metro – 152%
  • Seattle, Tacoma, Bellevue – 165%
  • San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont – 158%
  • Denver, Aurora Broomfield Metro – 159%
  • Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana Metro – 155%
  • Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington Metro – 156%
  • New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island Metro – 142%

While many might complain about lack of fish in the sea or ratios at bars and clubs, one can rest assured that fortunately for us Portlanders there is a slight edge us men can be happy about.

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February 14, 2012

I recently read a study that also says that Portland is the city in the US with the highest number of people looking for one night stands… I forget who wrote it. Great Content!

May 2, 2012

Don’t forget percentage of gay men, which tend to outnumber lesbians. So that can even things out a little.

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