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In an effort to keep this blog relevant and more importantly updated for you, Dear Reader I’ve decided to shoot down my perfectionism of a perfect post for a more oftenly updated blog. I hope to make a decent post weekly, but for the time being content trumps all and because of that I’ll remain vigil.

Recently I came across a recent post:

So I’m really trying hard now to do more game through approaches but I really did gain most of my confidence by getting tons of OkCupid dates. I can now get 5 or 6 girls to agree to a date in a week BUT only about 50% show up. I’d be fine with 3 in 4 or maybe even 2 in 3 but half is deplorable. I figure its either its because something actually comes up, they have second thoughts or because something that they think is more important takes priority.

I found personally if I made the date as low pressure as possible (eg 1 or 2 hr false time constraint and just something like coffee) I could get almost any girl I was having a decent conversation with to say yes. It might be a little more needy than I’d like but now I’m thinking that maybe I should just jokingly sell the hell out of the meeting before hand.

Anyone else had to tackle this issue or have any ideas?

Edit: To clairify they tell me they aren’t coming the day before or same day. Usually saying its because of illness, work, forgotten plans (birthday seems common lol), etc.

Here’s the secret. Many normal women utilize online dating the same way hotter women utilize clubs. They are looking for that euphoric release of knowing they are being vied for and for many that enough can satiate them.

Here are some simple suggestions:

1) When replying keep your messages to similar length of their own. Saying too much can be shooting yourself in the foot and more importantly a waste of valuable time.

2) Use the 3 Date rule: After 3 back and forth messages (total of 6) attempt a number. If they refuse move on. If they hesitate give them one more shot. Remember many of these women enjoy being perused when normally they might not.

3) Online dating is like online job searching. You will get many ignoring you completely but truck on and eventually you’ll get there.

4) As mentioned above, many aren’t looking for an actual date but rather a reaction and realization that they are┬ádesirable. ┬áMore so than you, the idea of meeting a mate online is strange to explain to friends and family, and having the belief that they are worthy to hit the field and meet “real men” is all the confidence they need.

5) Finally. Don’t be overly eager. If it takes her 2 days to respond take nearly as long yourself.

Here’s just a quick example I had today. Was talking with a girl from OKC and had maybe 2-3 correspondences. I got busy and a day ago she reached out to me suggesting coffee. While remaining allusive yet interested I gave her my number and suggested she get in touch. One hour later I had a txt message and soon after a date lined up.

Remember it’s a numbers game and like myself at times, many don’t take it serious or when life gets in the way, many put it on the backburner quickly.

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