Love & Libations: America’s Drunkest Singles

In recognition of the upcoming beer events and all those who’ll be drinking beer this summer, we decided to take a look at how the drinking habits of singles vary across the United States.

The infographic below shows the cities with the highest and lowest percentages of self-identified drinking levels, based on how people answer the “How much do you drink?” profile question. Surprised that Vegas is home to the highest percentage of light drinkers? What about D.C. being the highest?  Where does Portland fit in this with all our micro breweries and craft beers?

Portland ranks #8 in the US with a largest portion identifying themselves as heavy drinkers.  More surprising is that women slightly outnumber men in self-describing themselves as “Heavy Drinkers” 28% to 27%.  Perhaps more interesting is the higher ones education the more likely they are to be heavy drinkers as well with 31% with a bachelor’s degree, 28% a college graduate and only 24% with a high school and/or associates degree.

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