Portland Among ‘Worst Dressed’ Cities

Sigh, is it sad I’m not suprised?

A magazine ranks Portland No. 14 in a list of “worst dressed cities.”

According to Travel & Leisure magazine, the “locals look like trendsetters or like they’ve been playing dress up in their grandparents’ musty prom clothes.”

Anchorage, Alaska was the No. 1 on the list. The magazine said those in that city dressed “like Randy, in a Christmas Story.”

The magazine’s website also allows users to compare cities in a variety of topics — and in a match up, Seattle “won.”

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On the attractive scale of this list, Portland ranks 13 among major metropolitan cities.  You have the hippies, fat single mothers, dykes and those that assume that since there is a constant overcast that their terrible attire cannot be seen in the daytime.

Not all is lost however.  One problem you run into with crowds is they tend to follow the assumed majority and the results, over time, is the standard of attire drops continuously.  How can we look at this is a good thing?  Well first off, if you’ve ever been to Dirty, Aura, Couture, or the other spots that have a dress code you’ll find that attractive women do still indeed “dress to the 9’s”.  While the fuglies and unassuming men continue to lower their status and dress, it is still obvious that those of looks, class and self-esteem still deem a fine dressed man or woman an attractive asset.

Before moving back from Denver I use to wear a suit to work same as I do today.  The difference is there I would continue wearing it throughout the evening while here, in Portland, I feel out of place unless I stop at home and “dress down”.  At first I could attest it to “peer pressure” or “fitting in”, but now I realize that I too am responsible for the dwindling opinion the US has of Portlanders and our ability to dress.

What can you and I do?  Stop assuming that just because everyone likes to dress homeless means you should too.  Don’t assume that you will be lambasted by hot women for looking good.  If this study has any truth to it, women are DESPERATE for some fine dressed men around here.

So my advice to you men is simply this.  Suit up!

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