Vices are Killing your Game

Over the past year I’ve been recounting my typical night out, dates with women and general social interactions and came to a startling conclusion. Vices a usual source of enjoyment and relaxation have been killing my game. They have been receiving unrealistic acclaim to their pros and a blind eye to their negative consequences. Looking back to before I had these unhealthy habits up until today I can clearly see they have done little if anything to improve my state, results or overall ability to game compared to when they weren’t part of my life.

While a tough pill to swallow (heh heh),  routinely you hear of a overwhelming majority of instructors and those with extreme  success who swear off alcohol and the like in favor of a unclouded state of mind where they are in full control.

I don’t intent to use this post as an excuse to get props for my decision nor tell anyone how they should live by acting high and mighty. Instead I want to put down my reasoning both for me to look back and adhere to and for you to perhaps get something out of if you might be feeling the same way.


This week I’m planning on a series of posts regarding the numerous vices we partake in that are inherently killing our game. This summer I am intending to swear off each one and give an update at the end on how these decisions ultimately affected my game and overall quality of life. Here’s a syllabus dear student of what to expect from this course:

  1. Alcohol – Draining your health, bank account and social ability one drink at a time.
  2. Smoking – Science can’t be wrong. These sticks are affecting more than you think.
  3. Masturbation – Instant gratification, immediate regret and the sapping of your sexual energy.

This should be interesting. Hope you stick around for the full series.

Part 1 – Alcohol

2 Comments to Vices are Killing your Game

June 11, 2013

Too true. I swore off all alcohol for 2013. I don’t smoke or do anything else including self-abuse. I highly recommend a “clean & sober” 2013 to everyone trying to up their game.

August 4, 2013

… And. It. Fucking. Sucks.

The last thing I ever wanted was to be confused for a Christian or even worse a Mormon. Fuck THAT shit.

Fine, I’ll give up my hooch and my smoke and my fap but I will be damned if I give up pussy.

And to all you patronizing, holier-than-thou non-/ex-smokers/drinkers/fappers: GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

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