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Looking for love? This week is your best shot!

January 3rd, 2013 by Broadband

Researchers believe people looking for a date will have the best chance of finding someone compatible the first week of the new year.

They believe a combination of back to work blues and New Year’s resolutions to find a partner will send millions of people to online dating sites. On alone, interactions between members over the past seven days were 11 per cent higher than average.

In January, an estimated 16 million people will go online in search of a date.

Kate Taylor, resident relationship expert at, said: 

‘It’s the time of year when we vow to eat more healthily, exercise more frequently and budget better.

‘As the Christmas festivities calm down and we re-evaluate our lives, it’s little wonder that looking for a partner will top the list of New Year priorities for many single people.

‘If you make sure you’re online during the busiest time of the whole year you’ll have an even better chance of meeting someone special.’


Online Dating Flakes

April 4th, 2012 by Broadband

In an effort to keep this blog relevant and more importantly updated for you, Dear Reader I’ve decided to shoot down my perfectionism of a perfect post for a more oftenly updated blog. I hope to make a decent post weekly, but for the time being content trumps all and because of that I’ll remain vigil.

Recently I came across a recent post:

So I’m really trying hard now to do more game through approaches but I really did gain most of my confidence by getting tons of OkCupid dates. I can now get 5 or 6 girls to agree to a date in a week BUT only about 50% show up. I’d be fine with 3 in 4 or maybe even 2 in 3 but half is deplorable. I figure its either its because something actually comes up, they have second thoughts or because something that they think is more important takes priority.

I found personally if I made the date as low pressure as possible (eg 1 or 2 hr false time constraint and just something like coffee) I could get almost any girl I was having a decent conversation with to say yes. It might be a little more needy than I’d like but now I’m thinking that maybe I should just jokingly sell the hell out of the meeting before hand.

Anyone else had to tackle this issue or have any ideas?

Edit: To clairify they tell me they aren’t coming the day before or same day. Usually saying its because of illness, work, forgotten plans (birthday seems common lol), etc.

Here’s the secret. Many normal women utilize online dating the same way hotter women utilize clubs. They are looking for that euphoric release of knowing they are being vied for and for many that enough can satiate them.

Here are some simple suggestions:

1) When replying keep your messages to similar length of their own. Saying too much can be shooting yourself in the foot and more importantly a waste of valuable time.

2) Use the 3 Date rule: After 3 back and forth messages (total of 6) attempt a number. If they refuse move on. If they hesitate give them one more shot. Remember many of these women enjoy being perused when normally they might not.

3) Online dating is like online job searching. You will get many ignoring you completely but truck on and eventually you’ll get there.

4) As mentioned above, many aren’t looking for an actual date but rather a reaction and realization that they are desirable.  More so than you, the idea of meeting a mate online is strange to explain to friends and family, and having the belief that they are worthy to hit the field and meet “real men” is all the confidence they need.

5) Finally. Don’t be overly eager. If it takes her 2 days to respond take nearly as long yourself.

Here’s just a quick example I had today. Was talking with a girl from OKC and had maybe 2-3 correspondences. I got busy and a day ago she reached out to me suggesting coffee. While remaining allusive yet interested I gave her my number and suggested she get in touch. One hour later I had a txt message and soon after a date lined up.

Remember it’s a numbers game and like myself at times, many don’t take it serious or when life gets in the way, many put it on the backburner quickly.

Online Dating of the Shrew

November 9th, 2010 by Broadband

Today I offer you a real unfiltered glimpse at the dating minds of a trio of single women in Portland. This rare peak is thanks to the now defunct blog Dating in the Rose City which offers a portal into their thinking, dating habits and self esteem issues. They describe themselves as:

Attractive women with a lot to offer. Sure, we’re fickle, but isn’t everyone? We’re just trying to meet Mr. Right (or Mr. Tonight on the way to Mr. Right) and so here we are, sharing our stories of Dating in the Rose City. Share your own dating woes, ladies of Portland. We’re here for you.

Surprisingly, a huge portion of the blog revolves around experiences and one specific post truly uncovers the futility of internet dating to meet women. More importantly it shows that while women are difficult to approach in person due to their often judgmental and shrewish attitudes, the internet elevates this to levels you wouldn’t believe.

The anonymity of online dating coupled with an endless barrage of suitors from all corners of the country creates a false sense of self-esteem, desirability and overall market value. A woman whom might be a 5 in looks and personality suddenly revels in the fact that perhaps she really is a 10 and in turn acts accordingly.

One woman in particular complains of being stood up, having crappy dates, and unable to find men her age to date (she’s 38). All proof she indeed isn’t a spring catch but rather an indigent screw. Yet with the almost celebrity stardom has offered she now views herself as the perfect 10 and her attitude towards mens approaches sours as a result. Don’t get me wrong there are creepers en mass on dating sites, however this letter to men proves even if she understands this that the multitude of approaches from men has numbed her and raised her bitch shield. This is a similar reason why I stated that you want to approach women in bars early before the onslaught does a similar number on them. Enough dribble. On to the post.

Dear Men,

I am not desperate.

I meet men almost every time I’m out. I go on plenty of dates. I get kissed on a fairly regular basis. My profile is not on Match because I am hungering for male attention and any man will do.

I realize it takes guts to put yourself out there, and I respect you for doing so. But let me ask you a question: Would you walk up to a girl in a bar who is so obviously out of your league it’s not even funny, tap her on the shoulder and without so much as an introduction say, “Want to go out sometime?”

My guess is you answered “no”. Because of course you wouldn’t. (Well, unless you’re working the law of averages and know that at some point in time probability will be in your favor so you’re willing to take the abuse in the meantime.)


I’m sure your friends would say you’re a great guy. I’m glad to hear you like animals, since animals are rad. Knowing how to cook is great; now you’ll never starve to death. And yes, the beach IS pretty. I totally agree.

You’re swell, I get that. But listen. The cold hard truth is that even if we had 25 truly important things in common, I am not going to date you just because I am on I am out of your league. Period.

Reality bites, but it always applies.

One commenter put it better than I could:

I see what you’re saying, but you might have stumbled upon the reason you’re not finding a worthy companion.

I’m not suggesting that you should lower your standards and date trolls, but other people – the fugly and the hot – are certainly picking up on your sense of superiority.

Everyone with the capacity to be a fun and loyal partner will be turned off by that superior tone immediately, from across the room or through reading what you write for a few minutes. It’s not because they can’t stand someone better than them. It’s because people who express that tone are usually compensating for inner weakness. Strong people pick up on this subconsciously, and move on to someone who really is strong.

By contrast, people who never enjoy functional relationships will be happy to play along with you as long as they’re getting something out of it. It’s also entertaining, so you might make some friends this way, but these people will suffer the same flaws as the relationship prospects who hang around for the same reason.

She later apologizes after specifically stating she wouldn’t but take it for what it’s worth.